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Roy Wallace - The Un-Cookbook>
Roy Wallace - The Un-Cookbook - Perusing Roy Wallace's network of websites reveals his diversity of interest and talent. From photography to writing to food, he shares his views and skills with anyone who checks out his varied Internet presence. He's been a cook since he was read more
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Chef and Food Writer>
Chef and Food Writer - Self taught chef Troy Gagliardo shares his culinary talents on WCCB Fox Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tuesdays With Troy. Since March 2008, Chef Troy has created more than 600 original recipes presented on the local, live news show. As a read more
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Author, Teacher, Professional Chef>
Author, Teacher, Professional Chef - Believing that even very busy people deserve time to enjoy cooking and eating a healthy meal, Chef Nicole Straight created a concept that's caught fire among her students and admirers. Streamlining time and proven techniques make cooking a pleasure--even planning read more
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