Author Profiles in the Romance Category

Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper>
Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper - Myra Jolivet's roots run deep. Her parents, Louisiana Creoles, moved to California in the 1940s, bringing their rich culture with them and passing it along to Myra. When her first novel took shape, it became Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper, the read more
Industries: Mystery, Romance, Thrillers / Suspense
It's All About The Kissing>
It's All About The Kissing - With a faithful following and a growing list of books to her credit, writer Marcia Lynn McClure has been dubbed "The Queen of Kissing" due to her production of romance novels, novellas and e-books that steer clear of overt intimacy. read more
Industries: Historical Fiction, Romance
Arlette Gaffrey>
Arlette Gaffrey - Arlette Gaffrey has proven once and for all the old saying is true: "You can take a native out of New Orleans, but you can't take New Orleans out of a native." Love of her hometown has spilled over into read more
Industries: Historical Fiction, Romance
Jennifer Domenico - Turn Towards the Sun>
Jennifer Domenico - Turn Towards the Sun - Like many authors, Jennifer Domenico loved to write when she was a child. She created stories beginning at age five when her mother kept her quiet in church by allowing her to write stories in the back of her Bible. read more
Industries: Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Lisa A. Tippette - Christian Writer>
Lisa A. Tippette - Christian Writer - Saying she's "blessed with creative genes," Lisa Tippette's unique endeavors have always centered around her writing. From the time she was a teenager, keeping her thoughts in diaries was common practice. It wasn't until a writer friend suggested she try read more
Industries: Fiction, Romance
Michelle McLean - Historical and Paranormal Fiction>
Michelle McLean - Historical and Paranormal Fiction - Michelle McLean has been writing for a long time, but put her talents to work professionally in 2007. Her advice and help for writers of anything from poetry to essays to homework is not only user-friendly, but helpful. Her non-ficition work read more
Industries: How To, Romance, Thrillers / Suspense
Murasaki Hideki>
Murasaki Hideki - When she was nine years old, Murasaki Hideki found her true passion -- writing. She wrote her first book then, followed by another, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, when she was 13, and has been writing ever read more
Industries: Young Adult, Romance, Science Fiction
Best Selling Romance Author>
Best Selling Romance Author - Prolific and popular romance author, Teresa Medeiros, wrote her first novel when she was 21. Since then she's been on every national bestseller list, has seven million books in print, and has been published in 17 languages. Teresa was one of read more
Industries: Romance
Thriller, Mystery, and Romance Writer>
Thriller, Mystery, and Romance Writer - For almost 40 years, Morgan Mandel worked as an administrative assistant, but wanted to write for a living. When the economy took her day job, she plunged headlong into the writing life and as a result has written three books, read more
Industries: Mystery, Romance, Thrillers / Suspense
Writer of Sassy Romance>
Writer of Sassy Romance - Wife, mother, grandmother, executive assistant, poet, long time writer, and multi-tasker extraordinaire, Sandra Bonaldi asserts that a love story is just the thing to help a reader through the hard times and believe in a happily ever after. Bonaldi's steamy stories read more
Industries: Romance