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Author, Gardener, Grandmother>
Author, Gardener, Grandmother - A woman with many interests, J.Q. Rose likes to share her enthusiasm with readers. The author of Sunshine Boulevard, a novella, The Good Neighbors, a short story, plus Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women, written as inspiration read more
Industries: Fiction, Mystery, Non-Fiction
Iowa Author>
Iowa Author - A popular local political blogger, Iowan Buzz Malone has made the transition to historical novelist. His abiding interest in storytelling and the history of his surroundings combine to feed his creative fire. His books, Silence of Centerville, The Ghosts of read more
Industries: Fiction, Historical Fiction
Writer of the Paranormal>
Writer of the Paranormal - When Paul J. Kenyon isn't playing the drums, he's writing - often about things involving the paranormal world. His two books, Cold Secrets:The Challenge and You Know They're Here, both deal with the unexplainable in different ways. Kenyon hails from Olean, read more
Industries: Fiction, Horror, Thrillers / Suspense
Husband, Father, Sailor, Author>
Husband, Father, Sailor, Author - A child of the space age, when far away dreams were big and real, and space exploration was on everyone's mind, Robert Sapp was as disappointed as anyone when Americans stopped flying the shuttle. As a boy, he kept meticulous read more
Industries: Fiction, Science Fiction
To Live and Die for Dance>
To Live and Die for Dance - Award-winning author Francine Paino is not simply a ballet mom. She has worked with schools and dance companies for more than two decades. Her experience with dancers, their dilemmas and dramas, are part of the inspiration for her novel, To read more
Industries: Fiction, Thrillers / Suspense, Young Adult
Photographer, Editor and Novelist>
Photographer, Editor and Novelist - Long before she was making a living writing content for Amazon, Microsoft and other companies, or producing travel articles for Virtuoso Life magazine, a young Lisa Costantino typed up her own paperback-sized novels and stapled them together. Over the years read more
Industries: Fiction
Everybody Has A Tale To Tell>
Everybody Has A Tale To Tell - Spencer Bailey says, "Every face has a story behind the eyes, whether young eyes eager with the joys of learning new experiences, or old eyes, wrinkled with time from too many harsh winters and blistering summers. My aim is to read more
Industries: Fiction
Justine M. Dunn >
Justine M. Dunn - A British-born author currently living in Slovenia, and hoping one day to live in Spain, Justine M. Dunn's first novel was inspired by a few years she spent in California. Her book, Beach Lanes, is set in Ventura, and was read more
Industries: Fiction
Poems, Short Stories and Novels>
Poems, Short Stories and Novels - Now retired, Johnny Smart's life began in his grandmother's flat in Glasgow, Scotland in 1931. His diverse occupations included serving as a steward on an emigrant ship to Australia, a marine, a croupier, and a truck driver - and these read more
Industries: Fiction, Short Stories
Lynne Constantine - Circle Dance>
Lynne Constantine - Circle Dance - Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Lynne Constantine's young life revolved around the Nancy Drew series and waiting for the next one to be published. When she eventually got to the point where she had the mystery solved early on in each read more
Industries: Fiction
Lisa A. Tippette - Christian Writer>
Lisa A. Tippette - Christian Writer - Saying she's "blessed with creative genes," Lisa Tippette's unique endeavors have always centered around her writing. From the time she was a teenager, keeping her thoughts in diaries was common practice. It wasn't until a writer friend suggested she try read more
Industries: Fiction, Romance
Andrew Seaward - Writer/Actor>
Andrew Seaward - Writer/Actor - Sent to a stint in rehab by his family, Andrew Seaward learned that while he knew he was messed up, others were, too. His novel, Some Are Sicker Than Others, was released in July of 2012. While earning a living as read more
Industries: Fiction
Angelique, The Novelist>
Angelique, The Novelist - Before she was ten years old, Angelique stumbled upon a way to express herself through writing. She made small booklets and filled them with her thoughts, hopes and fears, and did this for the next 14 years. As her completed read more
Industries: Fiction
James Ellison Wills>
James Ellison Wills - A adventurer based in Sonoma County, California, James Ellison Wills has seen the world. For two decades he worked guiding others through the mountains of Japan and the Himalaya in Nepal. He is a documentary film producer, and in 2010 directed read more
Industries: Fiction
Nathan Braund - Novelist, Screenwriter, Poet>
Nathan Braund - Novelist, Screenwriter, Poet - Eclectic writer Nathan Braund puts his skills to use as an editor, screenwriter, novelist, poet, and writer of short stories. His short story, The Old Astronaut, was a finalist for the Brit Writers Awards 2011. He co-edited The Mammoth Book of Jack the read more
Industries: Fiction
Cynthia Cerny>
Cynthia Cerny - Long time Colorado resident, Cynthia Cerny spent a lot of years involved in a variety of interesting pursuits. In addition to working as an executive assistant to CEOs, Chairmen and corporate presidents, she was a member of Executive Women International read more
Industries: Fiction, Biography and Memoirs, Women's Fiction
Shannon Gibson>
Shannon Gibson - Sixteen-year-old Shannon Gibson started what she hopes will be a long writing career when several of her short stories and a poem were chosen for publication in Canadian anthologies. But her acute interest in details of the life of Helen read more
Industries: Fiction, Historical Fiction
Elizabeth Earle - Tartarus>
Elizabeth Earle - Tartarus - During her first year of study for a degree in Fine Art at the Norwich University College of the Arts, Elizabeth Earle quickly changed things up. She chose to go after her ongoing love of writing by beginning a BA in read more
Industries: Fiction, Horror, Thrillers / Suspense
Andrea Pearson>
Andrea Pearson - Becoming a writer wasn't at the top of Andrea Pearson's priority list when she was growing up. Maybe an artist, or a famous musician, or even a surgeon were in the mix. But, while serving as a missionary for the read more
Industries: Young Adult, Fantasy, Fiction
Anne Leigh Parrish - Finding the Truth in Fiction>
Anne Leigh Parrish - Finding the Truth in Fiction - Anne Leigh Parrish hails from upstate New York, attended high school in Princeton, New Jersey, graduated from the University of Colorado, then settled in Seattle, Washington, where she earned her MBA at the University of Washington.  It was after her graduate read more
Industries: Literary Fiction, Short Stories, Fiction