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Simon B Jones

Combining his love of ancient history and writing for amusement, Simon B Jones recently published his first book, The Battles are the Best Bits, a narrative history. 

A graduate in science, Jones began writing about travel and compiling short stories, mainly for family and friends, and was encouraged by his mother. But the movie Gladiator awakened his desire to find out more about ancient history, and not just casually. After almost a decade of research, his debut book was born.

His work has been well received, and Jones is currently working on a novel.

Simon B Jones writes from his home where he "..can see the garden out of the window and have a nearby supply of coffee." He is married and lives in Cambridgeshire, England.


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The Battles are the Best Bits

In his first published offering, Simon B Jones has created a historical narrative exhibiting his passion for the subject, and sprinkled with his own dark humor. From the beginnings of civilization in Mesopotamia, to the Roman Empire, and Arab conquests, Jones takes the reader on a fascinating ride handled with skill and filled with his considerable knowledge.

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