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Sandra Bonaldi

Wife, mother, grandmother, executive assistant, poet, long time writer, and multi-tasker extraordinaire, Sandra Bonaldi asserts that a love story is just the thing to help a reader through the hard times and believe in a happily ever after.

Bonaldi's steamy stories maintain an element of grounded reality, while still satisfying romance junkies everywhere. Her first novel, One Enchanted Evening, was published in 2006 and her second, Midnight Magic, heated up 2010. Bonaldi is working on a third novel.

Sandra Bonaldi lives in Nutley, New Jersey with her husband Tom, and two Rat Terriers, Chase and Chelsea.

Books by Sandra Bonaldi

Midnight Magic

Romance and drama combined, this title by Sandra Bonaldi approaches how the reality of domestic violence can ultimately be overshadowed with the help of love and passion.

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One Enchanted Evening

One Enchanted Evening is the story of Jessica, Ben, and fairytale beginnings. Loyalty, love, secrets, and a roller coaster of emotions combine in this satisfying first novel by Sandra Bonaldi.

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