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Nicki Elson says she "grew up during the 80s and lived to write about it." Her debut novel, Three Daves, is a blast from the fairly recent past, and despite a life that revolved around anything but writing, her characters found their way onto the page.

Elson's background is in finance and investments, and fiction writing was nowhere on her radar. But even with the responsibilities of a busy, young family, she found herself drawn to the story begging to get out, and wrote on scraps of paper when she had a precious few moments to herself.

Her work also appears in A Valentine Anthology, and she has written the short story, Sway, published by Omnific Publishing.

Nicki Elson lives with her family in the Chicago suburbs.

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Three Daves

Nicki Elson's first novel is a coming of age story set in the 1980s. A fun and entertaining read, Three Daves will resonate with anyone who endured the style and euphemisms of a decade rife with big hair and acid washed jeans. Elson's heroine looks for the love of her life and finds herself along the way.

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