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Kevin Hosey is an author, editor and cartoonist. His short stories have appeared in several publications, including the Star Trek Strange New Worlds anthologies (Simon and Schuster), Hint Fiction (W.W. Norton), the magazine Beyond Centauri, and the retro adventure site 365 Tomorrows. His sci-fi Sasquatch story, “Our Own Backyard,” will appear in the upcoming anthology Bigfoot Tales from Open Casket Press this Spring.

Kevin also co-edited and wrote stories for two anthologies published by Cliffhanger Books. The first was a paranormal romance collection entitled Paramourtal that was nominated for Best Romance Anthology of 2010. The second, a collection of superhero stories called Gods of Justice, premiered at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con.

On the VERY cool side, his short story “Cure” (from Hint Fiction) was the subject of a sculpture created by artist Lawrence L’Horte at a recent Columbia Art League exhibit in Missouri. It was also filmed by two contestants for the 2012 Vail Film Festival in Colorado. Not bad for a story that is only 25 words long.

Besides writing speculative fiction, Kevin also enjoys creating weird illustrated humor. His cartoons have appeared in calendars, books, newspapers and magazines (including Starlog), and his doodles cover every random piece of paper he can get his hands on.

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Books by Kevin Hosey

"IT!" (Beyond Centauri Magazine / July 2011)

Beyond Centauri Magazine (July 2011) The science fiction magazine for younger readers. "IT!" 10-year old Kurt Avenel loved living on a starship with his family. But then an alien creature snuck onboard -- and now it's after him!

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"OUR OWN BACKYARD" (Bigfoot Tales / November 2011)

Bigfoot Tales (November 2011) Edited by Mark Christopher "OUR OWN BACKYARD" While on shore leave in the distant future, a starship medical officer discovers the truth behind the legend of Sasquatch.

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"SEVEN & SEVEN" (Star Trek Strange New Worlds 6 / July 2003)

Star Trek Strange New Worlds 6 (July 2003) "Seven & Seven" Seven of Nine and Gary Seven race to stop a giant asteroid from destroying an alien planet.

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"DEMON" (Star Trek Strange New Worlds 8 / August 2005)

Star Trek Strange New Worlds 8 (August 2005) "Demon" An action-packed tale of Capt. Kirk and the crew of the U.S. Enterprise battling a Klingon cruiser controlled by a hostile alien entity.

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"RAIN" (Paramourtal / August 2010)

Paramourtal (August 2010) Edited by Kevin Hosey and Evelyn Welle Paramour: a lover. Paramortal: a supernatural being. Together, they become PARAMOURTAL, a collection of spellbinding new paranormal romance stories by some of the most talented writers today. Suspenseful, dangerous, humorous, heartwarming and just plain scary as hell, these varied dark tales will grip your heart and haunt you forever. To see the full front and back covers, click on the photo at right. To order, click on the buttons. "RAIN" After losing his beloved wife to another man, successful author Kyle drives to a mountain cabin to escape the world. Teetering on a suicidal brink of despair, he meets a beautiful young woman in the forest. But there is something strange about her. She can only appear when it rains.

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"CURE" (Hint Fiction / November 2010)

Hint Fiction (November 2010) Edited by Robert Swartwood An Anthology of Stories in 25 Words or Fewer "CURE" A tale of discovery and loss.

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"BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA" (Gods of Justice / June 2011)

Gods of Justice (June 2011) Edited by Kevin Hosey and K. Stoddard Hayes Like mythical gods of the past, superheroes are a primal force of nature. This rousing collection of original stories features exciting adventures of power, mystery--and justice. The tales are written by ten different authors, including DC Comics writer Ricardo Sanchez and Star Trek author Dayton Ward. "BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA" When his ex-partner's daughter is murdered, retired superhero, PsyKore, goes after her slayer with a vengeance. What he ultimately discovers is even more devastating than the murder itself.

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"CHINDII MOON" (Paramourtal Vol. 2 / Summer 2010)

Paramourtal Vol. 2 (Summer 2010) Edited by Kevin Hosey and K. Stoddard Hayes (COMING SUMMER 2012) "CHINDII MOON" While volunteering at a Navajo clinic, Jack, a young doctor, meets the beautiful Sialei. He soon learns that strange powers exist in her village that are both wonderful -- and horrifying.

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