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France Springs

In high school, France Springs discovered he had a talent for poetry, and was inspired by the likes of William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe. Believing that there's no one way for a poet to express him/herself, Springs has developed his own style and received accolades in the process.

Passionate about music as well as the written word, Springs began work in a radio station while still a teenager in McKinney, Texas, then became a disc jockey and mixed music as a hobby. In addition, he worked in the hospitality business and did radio voice over work. A graduate from the Dallas School of Broadcasting, Springs studied creative writing at UCLA Los Angeles.

A constant writer, Springs has written many poetry articles for newspapers, and uses writing as his medium for self-expression.

His book, A Period of Introspection, is poetry inspired by Springs' life experiences. His work has been touted as "finding the unusual in the ordinary." His current and future writing includes a novel, and he has also been asked to write a book of love poems.

Springs advises aspiring writers to keep a keyboard, or pen and paper at the ready, explaining that inspiration doesn't have a time table and it's important to believe in oneself.

France Springs lives in Los Angeles, California.


Books by France Springs

A Period of Introspection

Poetic craftsmanship and finding the unusual in everyday life are only two of the things France Springs brings to the world of poetry. His work covers the depth of emotion in human experience, and is filled with sentiment and tender feeling.

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