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Personal development speaker, author and visionary coach, Dan Harr, has been helping others find their true potential and passion for thirty years. Because he believes that each life is significant, his work has helped tens of thousands of people travel successfully down his or her own transformational path.

Many years ago Harr changed his own life direction, redefined his purpose, and uncovered his definition of what a meaningful vocation and lifestyle meant for him. He ended up with a "make a difference lifestyle."

"The idea that my life belonged to my community and I needed to bring my talents to the table. It is built on a belief that we are all in this together. And although nobody makes it out alive, I wanted to make sure that my life was a life worth living.. a life that was meaningful and had purpose," says Harr.

Harr's book, Creating A Vision To Lead, has inspired numerous people to stop living a life someone else has in mind for them, and start living to his or her own purpose. 

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Creating A Vision To Lead

Dan Harr outlines methods for excavating passion in one's life. In this motivational book, he addresses standing out in a crowd with defined direction, building character and enjoying more self-confidence, communication techniques, and how to unlock happiness and prosperity.

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