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Brittany Hudson

After the birth of her son, writing about what she believes took on new meaning for Brittany Hudson. Her desire has been to show who she is, who we all are, and positively express that to others. Pure joy and love for her own child have inspired her to create beautiful books especially for children.

Before her alignment with Sakura Publishing, Hudson released her first book, A Halloween Tale, independently. Now working with Sakura, she has developed a special way to share her love of books with children and everyone else. Her website,, features a variety of books that can be downloaded at free, or reduced cost.

In addition to her own writing, Hudson encourages other authors to contact her and include their own stories on her website. A great tool for both parents and teachers, the site is considered something of a social network for children.

Being part of a learning community for children is a dream come true for Hudson, who began writing poems for kids when she was in the 5th grade.

Her writing continues with It's Good To Share, and other stories, for what she hopes will be many years.

Brittany Hudson is married with one son, and lives a simple life in San Diego, California.



Books by Brittany Hudson

A Halloween Tale

"A keen observation that a child can learn from," is how one reviewer describes Brittany Hudson's first children's book. Without using frilly language or talking down, Hudson offers a story that will be valued in any child's collection, and will be read over and over again.

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It's Good to Share

If you've ever known a child with trouble sharing toys, this is a book that can help. Short, yet helpful to parents, and meaningful to children, Brittany Hudson's first book with Sakura Publishing, with illustrations by Alyssa Barkley, will please and delight readers.

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