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Beth Barany's creative juices starting flowing early. At age seven, she wrote a book with her brother about her family's cats. From those humble beginnings, Barany has created a career around the written word, as a journalist, author and executive coach to those seriously interested in being published.

While living in Paris in the early 1990s, Barany published her first journalism article in the Paris Free Voice. Since then, she was a columnist and editor for The National Networker, and a contributing author for anthologies Writing Romance and Creativity Coaching Success Stories. She is the editor of the bestselling When I Was There, an anthology of stories about life at UC Berkeley from 1960 to 2010, and Honest Medicine: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases by Julia Schopick.

Beth Barany speaks to groups all over the United States, and works with clients in the U.S., Canada and Europe offering training and tips to authors who are ready to get their writing into the world. She is the bestselling author of The Writer's Adventure Guide: 12 Stages to Writing Your Book, and Overcome Writer's Block.

She is also an award winning novelist. Her young adult fantasy novel, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, is now available in ebook and print format.

Beth lives with her singer/songwriter, high-school physics teacher husband, Ezra Barany, and two cats, Leo and Kitty.


Books by Beth Barany

The Writer's Adventure Guide: 12 Stages to Writing Your Book

If the book inside you is having a hard time finding its way out, Beth Barany is here to help. Taking the reader/writer from the initial thrill of an idea, through dark moments of block, this organized book will help a would be writer keep an eye on the "inner landscape" and finish what you've started, or wanted to start.

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Henrietta The Dragon Slayer

In her first fantasy novel, Beth Barany introduces the reader to Henrietta, who in her young life has killed plenty of dragons, but is tired of the job. However, her dying mentor is in need, and it's up to Henrietta to go on one last adventure. With some action and reference to her past experience, but no bloodbaths, this novel is perfect for young readers, and delights with its girl heroine.

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Overcome Writer's Block

Here's a guide created for anyone who writes, from novelists to business professionals. Breaking through the block and igniting your creativity can be done with a little help from Beth Barany's ideas on writing exercises, passion, and goal setting. If your creative flow has trickled to a stop or disappeared, this book will help you find your way out of the doldrums.

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