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Becoming a writer wasn't at the top of Andrea Pearson's priority list when she was growing up. Maybe an artist, or a famous musician, or even a surgeon were in the mix. But, while serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Andrea felt a passion for the written word, and afterward, returned home to begin a writing career.

A graduate of Brigham Young University, Andrea's first book, The Key of Kilenya was published in June 2011, and was quickly followed by other books in her Kilenya series. A prolific writer, Andrea has won awards for her writing, and claims "Writing is the chocolate of my life - it is, in fact, the only thing I ever crave."

She has served as a writer for MormonArtist, and is an editor for's writing group.

Even though she became a writer rather than a renowned musician, Andrea still plays and teaches a variety of instruments, including the piano and viola, plus, she still enjoys painting. She's happiest in the company of her husband, family and friends.


Books by Andrea Pearson

The Key of Kilenya

Andrea Pearson's first novel finds a fourteen-year-old boy being chased into another world by wolves. A great fantasy read, especially for young readers, the story teeters on the edge of being just scary enough to satisfy readers of all ages.

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The Ember Gods (Kilenya Series, 2)

The further adventures of Jacob Clark, who returns to his world only to find it's up to him to save a friend. Another fun read by Andrea Pearson for all ages, and a great follow-up to her first novel.

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