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New Media Professional>
New Media Professional - Originally from Toronto, Canada, Gavin Jocius has lived and worked all over the world while creating a career in digital communications, marketing and information technology. He started in New York City at an electronic marketing firm where he managed campaigns for read more
Industries: Cultural/Social Issues, Science / Technology
Forever Hellos, Hard Good-Byes>
Forever Hellos, Hard Good-Byes - Now referred to as a "meticulous, forthright professional" writer, Axel Dahlberg embraced his work as early as second grade when his teacher looked at his writing and pronounced it "good." Born in Denver, Colorado, Dahlberg's education and work have taken him read more
Industries: Non-Fiction, Juvenile / Youth, Medical, Health and Fitness
Activist and Author of Stolen Childhood>
Activist and Author of Stolen Childhood - If anyone could have been considered a victim, it would be Priscilla Musonda Schaufelberger. Her life growing up in Zambia was defined by abuse and horror from a young age and continued for many years. Her book, Stolen Childhood, is the read more
Industries: Biography and Memoirs, Women's Issues
Pendulum - Michael Drew has been in the business of book promotion and publishing since he was a teenager, but has only recently become an author himself. His book Pendulum, co-authored with Roy Williams, was published in October 2012. His work as a read more
Industries: Non-Fiction, Cultural/Social Issues
How To Become A Service Superstar>
How To Become A Service Superstar - Charismatic and dynamic are words used to describe Bryan Williams, the author of two books, Engaging Service and Work Like You Own It! He is a consultant and trainer focused on teaching others about excellent service and organizational effectiveness, so read more
Industries: Business / Finance, How To, Self-Help
Becoming Whole>
Becoming Whole - Her life nothing less than miraculous, and her story filled with inspiration, Meg Wolff will share her adventure with anyone interested. Although she firmly believes every person is on his or her own path and honors that, her choices have read more
Industries: Food and Lifestyle
Anointed: The Chronicles of Ascension (Volume 1) >
Anointed: The Chronicles of Ascension (Volume 1) - Brian Ritchie's goal for his writing is simple: He wants to share his love for Jesus Christ and what He's done for him, as well as take his readers on an exciting adventure that may teach them something from the read more
Industries: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Author, Gardener, Grandmother>
Author, Gardener, Grandmother - A woman with many interests, J.Q. Rose likes to share her enthusiasm with readers. The author of Sunshine Boulevard, a novella, The Good Neighbors, a short story, plus Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women, written as inspiration read more
Industries: Fiction, Mystery, Non-Fiction
Sci-Fi Humor>
Sci-Fi Humor - A writer of comedy and satire, Brian Henry has written screenplays, short stories and sketches. His fantasy novel, House of Prension, was published in 2009. A collection of short stories, Space Command and the Planets of Doom, plus a sci-fi novel, Space read more
Industries: Humorous Fiction, Science Fiction
Gather at the Table>
Gather at the Table - With a sincere desire to promote national conversation concerning the legacies of slavery and racism, Tom DeWolf and Sharon Morgan share practical advice and guidelines for those interested in healing these chasms that exist in America. Their collaborative effort comes read more
Industries: Non-Fiction, Biography and Memoirs, Cultural/Social Issues
Iowa Author>
Iowa Author - A popular local political blogger, Iowan Buzz Malone has made the transition to historical novelist. His abiding interest in storytelling and the history of his surroundings combine to feed his creative fire. His books, Silence of Centerville, The Ghosts of read more
Industries: Fiction, Historical Fiction
Live To Be A Demonstration>
Live To Be A Demonstration - His strong sense of family and its importance runs deep and spills over into Eric T. Little's work. One of the oldest of eight children, and the first to graduate from college, his mission is to motivate and inform the lives read more
Industries: Religion / Spirituality, Self-Help
Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer>
Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer - Some of the words used to describe Carol Dean Schreiner are funny, inspiring, energetic and motivating. But most of all she's relatable and real, combining warmth and wisdom with the experience of years. Carol shares her style across the U.S., Canada read more
Industries: How To, Self-Help
Writer of the Paranormal>
Writer of the Paranormal - When Paul J. Kenyon isn't playing the drums, he's writing - often about things involving the paranormal world. His two books, Cold Secrets:The Challenge and You Know They're Here, both deal with the unexplainable in different ways. Kenyon hails from Olean, read more
Industries: Fiction, Horror, Thrillers / Suspense
Children's Author>
Children's Author - Karisa Lowe credits her firm foundation of writing related skills to some elementary school teachers who played important roles in her early learning. Her love for words came first, and naturally. After attaining a degree in Journalism and Public Relations from read more
Industries: Children's
Vibrance For Life>
Vibrance For Life - Eschewing the "cookie-cutter" approach to treating patients symptomatically, Dr. Lorraine Maita studied anti-aging, and trained under three different philosophies leading her to create her own. Taking into account the unique factors making up each individual's lifestyle, needs, genetics and metaboli... read more
Industries: Medical, Health and Fitness
World Traveler and Novelist>
World Traveler and Novelist - Author Laurence Bradbury's current work as a travel photographer is fortuitous, since travel is his muse. Trips all over the world inspire his writing and have played a part in the first novel in a series, Fatal Flaw, published under his read more
Industries: Thrillers / Suspense
Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper>
Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper - Myra Jolivet's roots run deep. Her parents, Louisiana Creoles, moved to California in the 1940s, bringing their rich culture with them and passing it along to Myra. When her first novel took shape, it became Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper, the read more
Industries: Mystery, Romance, Thrillers / Suspense
Laughter Wasn't Rationed>
Laughter Wasn't Rationed - Dorothea von Schwanenflügel Lawson not only live through two world wars in Germany, but survived to write about her experiences. What resulted was Laughter Wasn't Rationed, her personal account of what it was like to be a German civilian during read more
Industries: Biography and Memoirs, History / Military
Husband, Father, Sailor, Author>
Husband, Father, Sailor, Author - A child of the space age, when far away dreams were big and real, and space exploration was on everyone's mind, Robert Sapp was as disappointed as anyone when Americans stopped flying the shuttle. As a boy, he kept meticulous read more
Industries: Fiction, Science Fiction